Course Code: SUR/FIN Asia-Pacific 2014 : Education Courses Tuesday December 9th 2014

Education Courses will be held on Tuesday December 9th 2014 a single registration fee allows attendance at all the Education Courses.

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SUR/FIN Asia Pacific Education Courses :  9th December 2014


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Education Course 1 

Precious Metal Plating for Electronic & Industrial Applications

 Facilitator: Steven Burling FIMF, Metalor Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom


 * Introduction to the plate-able precious metals.

* Types of plating systems (plant & equipment).

* Applications.

* Basic formulation information and the impacts for formulation .

* Operating conditions of the Precious Metal Plating solutions.

* Testing plated deposits after plating.

* Future requirements and the environment.

 Course Description:

 This course is for platers / non platers requiring a general understanding of Precious Metal Plating, its benefits and its applications. All precious metals will be discussed (Gold, Silver, Palladium and its alloys, Rhodium, Platinum and Ruthenium). Applications for these metals will be discussed as well their cost implications and calculations. Formulation information and the roles of process constituents will be covered. Operating conditions for types of plating processing (high speed, rack/ vat and barrel plating will be presented and well as process control (analysis and plating test methods). Environmental and legislative issues will also be covered.


Facilitator Biodata : Steven Burling FIMF, Metalor Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom

 Steven is the Country Manager of Metalor Technologie’s UK . Metalor Technologies are a world wide renown “Precious Metal Company, also acts as Sales and Marketing Manager, Northern Europe for the Advanced Coatings Division. 

His  responsibilities, apart from Sales & Marketing, include the introduction of new precious Metal Plating Processes to the European Markets as well as liaising with colleagues in USA and the APAC regions.  Qualified as a graduate from the Southbank University in 1978 and this year will celebrate 43 years in the Metal Finishing industry..

Currently President of the International Branch of the NASF. Has presented many papers at conferences in Europe, USA, China and India as well as presenting papers at all the SSEA conferences in Singapore. Papers both related to plating and the PV industry.

Education Course 2

Challenge of Composite Sample Preparation

Facilitator:  Mr Kenny Lim, Area Sales Manager, Struers, Singapore 389842

 Course Description:

  •  Introduction of Struers A/S
  • General preparation issue on composite materials
  • Very hard and soft material composite
  • Rounding/Relief, smearing, flatness and scratch
  • Various steps affecting the final preparation result
  • Cutting
  • Selection of cut-off wheel/Clamping of sample/Feed speed and force
  • Mounting
  • Edge retention/Resin hardness versus material hardness/Hot press method versus cold mounting
  • When to consider vacuum impregnation
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Positioning of automatic polishing head
  • Direction of mover head and disc
  • Flatness
  • SiC papers versus SiC foils,
  • SiC foils versus Diamond disc
  • SiC foils versus Rigid disc
  • Polishing
  • Difference between soft and hard polishing cloth
  • Suspension
  • Various form of diamond suspension and selections
  • Convention – diamond suspension with lubricant
  • Integrated – diamond suspension pre-mixed with lubricant
  • Avoid the use of alumina suspension
  • Oxide polishing
  • Achieve scratches free and good micro grain structure
  • Practical tips
  • •Question and answers

Facilitator Biodata: 

Mr Kenny Lim, Area Sales Manager, Struers, Singapore 389842

 Mr Lim hasgraduated with a Bachelor in Business in Administration.He has been working with Struers since May 2007 and trained as a trainer, sharing his knowledge and skills through training courses around this ASEAN Region. He is specialized in sample preparation, especially electronics parts.

Education Course 3

Practical Surface Analysis for Industrial Coatings

Facilitator: Dr. R. Gopala Krishan, Physics Department, NUS, Singapore

 Course Description:

Analytical support has played and still plays an indispensable role in material & process research, process development, defect free manufacturing and product reliability. Advanced analytical tools and specialized methodologies have been providing facility to leading edge research labs and regional manufacturers to link composition , structure, morphology, roughness, hardness and adherence with defect reduction, yield improvement and optimum performance enhancement. In this course, the principle and application of NUS analytical tools such as XPS, AES, SIMS, AFM, TEM/EDX/EELS, FIB/SEM will be presented with specific references to Surface finishing/engineering and allied industries, Besides. other techniques such as SEM/EDX, Micro Raman, X-ray imaging, XRD, XRF, RBS, PIXE, FT-IR, GC-MS, AAS, ICP-OES, DSC, DTA, TGA, TMA, VSM…. are also briefly described with references to scientific research and industrial applications. 

Who Should Attend?

Technical Officers, Chemists, Laboratory Technicians, Engineers, Managers, R&D Personnel, Company CTOs, Graduate Students, Polytechnic/Junior college Lecturers and all those engaged in the Surface Finishing/Engineering Industries and allied technologies. 

Facilitator Biodata:

Dr. R. Gopala Krishan, Physics Department, NUS, Singapore 

Received Doctoral degree from National University of Singapore ( NUS ) and currently works as Technical Advisor and consultant supporting Scientific Research and Industry Technology Development through advanced analytical technologies and road mapping. He has published a number of research papers with colleagues and students in electronic materials science area in international journals, conference proceedings, and had travelled widely for technical presentation through his work experience at NUS Physics Department, A*STAR, Singapore and professional associations. He is/was a member of Institute of Physics (Singapore), Singapore Surface Engineering Association( SSEA ), MRS, AVS, ASTM, NASF, International Institute of Forecasting (USA) and SICCI. He has founded the Symposium on Surface Engineering for Industrial Applications at Singapore in 2005 with SSEA and has been the conference General Chair/Joint-Chair at Singapore, Chennai/India and Russia.

He has founded A-IATS/Singapore in 2009 ( and Surface Technologies/Chennai/INDIA in 2010 and play advisory role. Dr Krishnan is currently serving as Senior Research Fellow (Adj) at Physics, NUS, Singapore since 2010 and is reachable at ( )