Course Code: Hull Cell: Benefits of this Plating Laboratory Test

Facilitator: Mr. Akiyama of Yamamoto-MS Co., Ltd Yamamoto Japan

YAMAMOTO-MS Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of plating testers and analyzers. Since the company was founding in 1950 in Tokyo Japan, it has sought to provide its existing customers with better products.

YAMAMOTO-MS is providing titration analyzers for various plating solution, electro-deposition tester such as Hull cell and spiral-contract meter (stress meter), various plating materials, equipment from beaker size to around 100L and wafer plating laboratory kits indispensable for advanced technology in the field of MEMS, micro-machines, semiconductors and anodization.

Also, we manufacture small size barrel to address micro-seize plating and to improve plating quality, we offer a wide variety of barrels in different sizes and shapes. By using our barrels, trial and small-lot production have become possioble, even with small amounts of plating solutions, at the same time taking only limited space.

We seek to swiftly provide useful tools and support to the companies, universities and public agencies that are constantly striving to develop new technology. It is from this aspiration that we embark on product development. To meet customer needs with ever-increasing precision our focus is also placed on the development of products.

This course focuses on the HULL CELL and its applications.