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Advances in Plating Technology

Electro-plating, Electro-less Plating, Immersion Plating, Electroforming, Composite coatings, Base Metal Plating, Precious Metal Plating, Pre-treatment Processes,Nano Technology


Electronics, Bio-medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Precision Engineering, Decorative, Functional Coatings, Solar / Photovoltaic, Clean Technology, LED

Plant and Equipment

Plating Cell design, Pulse Plating, Innovation in Plant design, New methods

Environment and Management

RoHS / WEEE / REACH, Green Technologies, Transport, Industry Roadmap, Environment Protection, Global Harmonisation

Surface Engineering

hot Peening, Cleaning and preparation, Anodising, Galvanising , Etching Sol/gel coating, PVD/CVD/MBE/PL process

Testing and Characterisation

Surface Analysis, Characterisation, Equipment, Failure Analysis, New developments