The Singapore Metal Finishing Society (SMFS) was founded in November 1981 with the mission to promote the development of the local electroplating industry. It was renamed the Singapore Surface Finishing Society (SSFS) in 1992. In 1994, we included PCB manufacturing as an integral part of our activity and admitted PCB manufacturers as members.

To meet members' various needs, the Society organizes a wide spectrum of activities every year. These range from specialised courses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, consultancy and dialogues with government agencies and the organization of overseas business missions.

The Society is currently a member of the International Union of Surface Finishing (IUSF) and a Sustaining Member of the Institute of Metal Finishing, UK. The Society has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Association of Electronics Industries in Singapore (AEIS) and an Association Member of the Singapore Manufacturers Federation (SMa).

In order reached out to more industries specializing in the surface engineering technology, the Society changed its name to the Singapore Surface Engineering Association (SSEA) in 2009. With this change, the Association had broaden its role to include members from the powder coating, vacuum coating, corrosion protection, recovery of metals and other similar coating sectors.

As an Association over the last 30 odd years, it has established a wide network of contacts dealing in the surface engineering field around the world. With this wealth of experience, it is actively reaching out to fellow industry players in the ASEAN region that are involved in the surface engineering field. Those who are interested to be in the fraternity of the surface engineering circle should look up our web site for membership details.