The Society's key roles/objectives are as follows:

1. To help members spearhead growth through close interaction with local government agencies and international trade associations;

2. To assist members on common problems, particularly in the areas of manpower and training. This includes assisting members in need of financial assistance and technical guidance on relevant government schemes;

3. To promote industry research and development for the betterment of members and the surface finishing industry as a whole; 

4. To represent the industry's interests through regular dialogue sessions with government agencies and other trade associations.

Milestones of the Association
1981 Formation of the Singapore Metal Finishing Society (SMFS)
1982 Study Mission to Japan - Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama
1984 Electroplating Course commence
1985 Study Mission to United Kingdom, France, Switzerland
1988 Study Mission to USA - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver and Detroit
1990 Asia Pacific Interfinish in Singapore jointly with Australian Institute of Metal Finishing 
1991 Study Mission to Tianjin
1992 Rename to Singapore Surface Finishing Society (SSFS)
1994 PCB Manufacturers joined the Society
1997 Cleaner Production for Metal Finishing Seminar 
1998 Attended National Pollution Prevention Roundtable in Washington DC
2000 Study Mission to Germany - Hanover, Stuttgart, Franfurt, Munich, Cologne, Garmisch Partenkirchen
2001 Mission to Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai
2003 Mission to Thailand, Hong Kong and Guangzhou-Panyu, Dongguan, Shenzhen
2005 The 1st Symposium on Surface Engineering for Industrial Applications (SEIA 2005)
2006 The 2nd Symposium on Surface Engineering for Electronics Applications (SEEA 2006)
2007 Trade Mission to Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi
2007 Joint International Conference of 
2007 The 3rd International Conference on Surface and Interface Science and Engineering (SISE 2007)
2007 The 3rd Symposium on Surface Engineering for Industrial Applications (SEIA 2007)
2008 The 4th Symposium on Surface Engineering for Industrial Applications (SEIA 2008)
2008 Bidding Mission to World Interfinish in Busan, Korea
2008 Bidding Mission to National Association For Surface Finishers in Indianapolis, USA
2009 Mission to Dongguan,Shenzhen and Guangzhou
2009 Rename to Singapore Surface Engineering Association (SSEA)
2009 WSQ Diploma in Precision Engineering (Surface Engineering Option) with Singapore Poly
2010 Asia Pacific Interfinish cum ICASE in Singapore
2012 SURFIN Asia Pacific 2012 Exhibition and Conference in Singapore
2013 Interfinish SERIA in Chennai, India
2014 Mission to Chongqing
2014 INterfinish SERIA in Novobirsk, Russia
2014 SURFIN Asia Pacific 2014 Exhibition and Conference in Singapore